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Founder of Local Business Thrive

I started my first business (web development & design) back in 2008, and now manage over 50 websites, including sites for local high street shops, local business directories, coaching, renewables energy clients and much more.

Local Business Thrive was set up to "do what it says on the tin": help local businesses thrive, whatever the economy is doing.

We offer a range of business-growth services (that's what marketing is really for, after all!) with price points to suit the spectrum of small businesses, all the way from start-ups to established large e-commerce businesses and more.

If you're looking to find a home for your digital marketing from someone who's been doing this a while, tap on the contact link below & let me know what you're looking for and we can have a conversation.

I love helping where I'm a good fit, and if I'm not, I can certainly point you in the right direction (no sales pitch here - just a genuine desire to see how to find the "win-wins" in life!)

Dez is one in a million....endlessly patient, brilliantly skilled, super responsive and just exactly the sort of support and help that a small business needs when navigating the world of technology! And he's funny too, makes us laugh while solving our IT issues and helping us with web build and so on... Just great! Highly recommend Dez to all
Bristol, UK
I have known Dez for several years now. He is a sharp and skilled Internet Marketer. I highly recommend him for any of your Internet and Social Media Marketing needs.
San Diego, USA
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We help local businesses just like yours to reach their customers through social media, website content and advertising.
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